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FREE UK delivery for all orders over £120 (incl. VAT)

FREE UK delivery for all orders over £120

COVID November Lockdown announcement


With the upcoming November national lockdown, we have had enquires asking us whether this will affect our current operations.

We will continue to operate as usual, within our normal working hours, with our full workforce active. Do not hesitate to place orders through our website, or contact us directly.

However, it is necessary to announce that there could be issues with our delivery/logistics partners, and so we CANNOT guarantee next day delivery. This occurred during the previous lockdown and unfortunately, enough though we work with several delivery partners, this is an area of operations that is not directly under control.

Therefore, if you require stock during this lockdown period, PLEASE order in advance and give us enough time to allocate your goods for you, to ensure you receive your order in good time.

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