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FREE UK delivery for all orders over £120 (incl. VAT)

FREE UK delivery for all orders over £120

June update – Back in stock across popular items!


Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delays caused by the global pandemic, global shipping has been heavily affected and it has been a nightmare to receive goods into the UK.


We are finally starting to clear up backlog with our shipping couriers and we hope that we will have a consistent flow of new incoming stock to meet all demand in the near future.

Certain items may still be limited in stock.


Popular items include:

750cc Round Black

750cc Round Clear

1050cc Round Black

750cc 2 Section Rectangular  

1000cc 2 Section Rectangular

995ml 4 Compartment Square


As well as our NEW Clear Marquee Range in 2 sizes:

500cc Clear Marquee Rectangular

1000cc Clear Marquee Rectangular

If you see any items that you are interested in but not yet available please send us an enquiry, so we can keep you updated.


All the best,

The YES Group team.