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FREE UK delivery for all orders over £120

Ultimate Guide to Buying Restaurant Crockery


Whether you run an amazing restaurant or a fancy hotel, buying restaurant crockery is not always as easy as it seems. It can be stressful choosing the perfect crockery for your restaurant like plates, bowls, serve-ware and dishes that not only fit with your branding, but also be within your budget and that your customers will love. Thankfully Yes Group have created this ultimate guide of what to consider when buying restaurant crockery supplies.

Stylish white crockery bowls for restaurants and hotels


Consider the crockery pricing

Restaurant crockery supplies come in a wide range of prices and to reduce your business costs and save money, we recommend to buy in bulk from the same store if possible. 

When purchasing your commercial dinnerware, look for crockery products that are readily available and have a lot of stock available so that when you want to order more, you don’t have to replace an entire set of crockery which will result in higher costs.

Looking for some high quality but low-cost crockery? YesGroup offers a versatile range of economical restaurant crockery.

Stylish and durable white crockery plate with starters for restaurants and hotels


Consider quality and durability of the restaurant crockery

Commercial dinnerware and dishes can be more expensive than their domestic versions but that’s because they are made to a higher quality and to be more durable. Commercial crockery for restaurants and hotels are designed to last longer and withstand more regular uses in restaurants. 

Chinese crockery and Chinese restaurant dinnerware in particular, are made to the finest quality to be stronger, thicker and more durable than home crockery.

High quality white Cameo China crockery for restaurants, hotels and other commercial businesses


Consider the crockery material

There are many different types of restaurant crockery materials you can choose for your restaurant and hotel. All the materials have their advantages and disadvantages and which one you choose depends on your restaurant’s needs.

  • Bone China Crockery – Ideal for fine dining and grande cuisine and even though it can look delicate, it is very strong, resistant and durable 
  • Plastic crockery – Easy to clean, durable, dishwasher safe and is less likely to shatter if dropped, ideal for busy restaurants
  • Porcelain crockery – Non-porous ceramic that is tough, very durable and comes with a gentle finish, perfect for most restaurants
  • Stoneware crockery – Made from clay and is durable, resilient, chip resistant and has a lighter colour but is more opaque than porcelain crockery
  • Paper crockery – Usually disposable and so ideal for use in restaurants where cleaning dinnerware is not desired 

Red plastic crockery bowl, spoon and chopsticks for restaurants and hotels


Consider matching your crockery’s design and colour with your brand

Your restaurant supplies are a reflection of your business and your brand so consider purchasing crockery with designs and colours that can more closely match your brand. Although it helps with brand awareness, is it not essential to spend a lot of money on custom design crockery with your exact brand colours and logo. Instead you can buy stylish restaurant crockery with similar designs and colours to your brand.

YesGroup offers high quality restaurant crockery in a range of different colours. Choose the crockery colour that best matches your brand:

White and blue Cameo China restaurant crockery for restaurants, hotels and other commercial businesses


We hope the above tips and advice will help you purchase the perfect crockery supplies for your commercial business.

If you’re still looking for the perfect restaurant crockery for your business, we offer a wide range of restaurant crockery supplies: