2020 Roundup and Future Plans

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A lot has happened in 2020, especially with Coronavirus, with many changes also happening within our company this year. We wanted to share with you some of these changes and what’s been going on behind the scenes.


Office & Warehouse

Historically we operated as a cash & carry business with a focus on retail store customers, however, over time as more business went online, we have transitioned to doing more business online/direct. This has meant that we have needed less Retail store space, show room and facilities such as external car park space. Therefore, this year we underwent a big project of moving into new premises, that is more suited to our future needs of focusing on online growth.

We still continue to welcome retail store customers however, so feel free to pop over visit us anytime!


We moved into our new premises (location find us here) in August/September. The building was previously used by meat manufacturers, and contained a lot of freezer equipment. We stripped the whole interior out to install our own warehouse facilities and office space.


We renovated our 2 floor office space as you can see below. The pictures are of the main office, entrance and warehouse space with racking installed.

There was also a lot of work that needed to be done externally on the property to allow delivery trucks and our logistic partners to operate effectively. We also worked with landscaping professional to help clean up the property to be more presentable.

As you can see, it was a big project for us which took many months to complete, but we’ve moved in smoothly without any major disruptions to our normal operations.


The other major project this year was upgrading our existing website. This has allowed us to have many new features and have much greater flexibility (like writing blog posts to talk to you!)

We still have work to do to refine the site such as improving site speed and create great product images, however so far we’ve implemented exciting new features such as more promotional offers, pop up forms to interact with new customers (to offer 5% off your first order), or our dedicated Sale page (for New items and Special Offers).

Simplfied Categories

We’ve focused all our takeaway/disposable products together under our takeaway-disposables category, to make them easier to find.

This used to be called “takeaway containers“, but now we’ve added “takeaway bags” and “takeaway essentials” into here.

Mobile Optimisation

Our new site is now much more mobile friendly and we’re working on some mobile only features.

Such as our Whatsapp Integration on mobile, which means if you click the Whatsapp icon you will be taken automatically to Whatsapp messenger to easily speak to us or order directly.

For the full list of NEW features check out our other post HERE talking about them.

Upcoming Plans

I’m sure we are all happy that 2020 is over and 2021 is hopefully a year filled with better opportunity! We’re excited to tell you that we are working on more great products and features, including:

  • Exclusive Click and Collect deals & special offers
  • Better customer service, offering more ways for you to contact us and order from us:
    • Website live chat
    • Order on Social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
    • Live delivery tracking, we’ll keep you up to date and let you know when your order will be arriving, 
    • Improved interaction and content from us (our blogs or social media channels)
  • NEW products! Have a look at these new items recently added from our takeaway container range

500cc Black Food Container with Clear Lid or in a slightly larger size  650cc Black Food Container with Clear Lid

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Stay safe! 

See you in the new year!